Steps to register and Confirmation Email

Press the Register button.

Enter your personal data. Your name and email are mandatory to create an account. Read and accept the 'Terms and Conditions'. Then click the Save button.

Once you have registered you will receive an email in your inbox to validate your account. Check your inbox (SPAM) if you do not receive the email.

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Log in platform

To login to the platform click 'Log in My Account'  enter your email and password.

Once entering you will have access to the control panel where you can:

- Edit your personal information
- Change your password
- Print your Resume.
- Upload a photo.
- Enter your work experiences.
- Complete your historical studies.
- Add courses and seminaries done.
- Add your IT knowledge.
- Add languages you speak.
- Insert personals references.
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Loading and sending your Resume - Updating Data

To change your personal data, you must click "Modify Personal Information". Always remember keep updated these data. Fields marked with asterisk are mandatory.

To upload your picture, click over "Update Photo" in the control panel. To choose the image press the "Browse" button .The image format can be JPG, PNG. Your weight should not exceed 2 MG. If you want to replace your photo, enter a new one by pressing the "Browse" button.

The parametric modules have all the same features, like following screen:

At the top of all parametric pages, you'll see the buttons below, grouped into a toolbar.

New Button -- To clear the form an enter new data.
Alternate Text -- Save current changes to your profile
Alternate Text -- Cancel current changes and reset the form.
Alternate Text -- Delete the current row selected.
- Alternate Text -- Return to your profile home page.

- Fields with asterisk are mandatory.
- To edit or delete the data loaded in the table, first select the record.

Once changes were done, you must to return to the "Control Panel" and press the "Send Resume to HCL" button to notify that your Resume was updated. When this button is pressed, the system send us an alert that your Life Story was updated. This is the only way to maintain update your Resume, available for new job searches.

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Print your Resume

To Print your Resume press "Print Resume" and then click over the printer icon.

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Change Password

Select the Change Password option. First all Insert your old password to validate your account. Then enter the new one and repeat the same operation in the next field to confirm. Once done press "Reset" button and the system will send you an email with the new password.

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I forgot the password

If you forgot your password, click the Recover password button and follow the instructions given by the system.

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Active Search and Postulation

On the homepage you can view the searches of vacant jobs. You can see the same information in your control panel, previously entering your username and password.

For your postulation, you must click on the link "Postulate". Automatically you will see data about the job:
- Position Title
- Year of publication
- Place
- Job Description
- Requirements

Click to Apply, accepting the general conditions and automatically the system will send you an email about your postulation. If the company is interested in your profile will contact you directly, via e-mail or telephone.

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Renouncing to a postulation

If you want to Renounce to a postulation, in the control panel, click the "Renounce" of the post you want to stop participate. Automatically you will see the details of the job and the system will ask you if you are really sure to renounce the offer.

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To receive the latest publications of job offers of our company, you must enter the "Subscription of jobs" option in your control panel.

Select the area and sector you are looking for. Click the Add button and automatically every time the company publish a offer, you will receive an alert in your email.
To stop receiving notices just select and click the Delete button.
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